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Search engine optimisation has been a mystery to many people for a number of years. The fact is there is no blue print or Holy Grail. Companies that offer SEO might even guarantee rankings, but this is basically a lie. Search engines do not produce criteria when it comes to ranking, so there is no way to accurately measure how long it will take to rank, or how to rank for keywords. To add to this, search engines constantly change their structure, which means a site that ranks #1 for a keyword one day, could be on the 10th page the next day. The best way to rank is to build links naturally, which can be done by publishing excellent content.

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pay per click


Pay per click campaigns can be run on the likes of Google AdWords. Essentially, the website owner will setup a campaign and they can pay to rank for keywords. Bid cost for keywords can range from $0.01 for extremely low quality keywords, right up to around $200 per click for extremely high value keywords. A lot of people now use PPC managers, as they can help structure a campaign. They can structure a campaign in terms of keywords. They will create adverts to improve conversion rates but at the same time, they can decrease the overall cost of each conversion. This will help to improve the ROI related to this form of marketing.

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Do I need SEO

Do I need SEO ?

If your website is designed for commercial purposes chances are you will want to get people to view your content. By increasing your search engine exposure through SEO techniques you are allowing people who are searching for your particular subject matter, product or service to be able to find you. Without this search engine referral traffic it is very unlikely people will find your website without some other form of marketing. This “un-paid” traffic is the best type you can get as it is generally from people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Well do I need SEO for my website now?!

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